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Choosing new tyres for your car can be confusing, with many types of tyres, manufacturers and tread patterns to choose from. We aim to make purchasing the right tyres at the right price as simple as possible. Buying your new tyres from JTyre couldn’t be easier, whether short distance drives or long distance travel we offer a great range of tyres to suit any budget.

    JTyre supply a great range of premium, mid-range and budget tyres from the likes of Michelin, Pirelli and Continental, all at great prices. Whichever your vehicle, our experts are here to offer a helping hand and provide free impartial advice to assist you in selecting the best tyres for your vehicle. 


    SUV & 4x4

    4x4 & SUV tyres come in a number of different types and sizes and are designed for use on vehicles intended for more challenging terrain and road surfaces.

    SUV Tyre by JTyre

      Benefits of SUV & 4x4 Tyres

      • Superior traction in extreme conditions – specifically designed for off-road use and are excellent on difficult terrain like soft ground and steep inclines where normal tyres aren’t up to the task and can get stuck.
      • Tough construction to hold increased loads - typically feature a higher load index than conventional tyres and a rigid sidewall. This means they can safely handle heavy loads with ease – ideal for transporting bulky goods or large families.
      • Specially designed for off-road vehicles - 4x4 vehicles have two differentials which means that power from the engine is distributed to all four wheels rather than just two on a front or rear wheel drive vehicle. As all four wheels are sharing the job of providing propulsion, it is important to fit tyres intended for specific 4x4 use as 2-wheel drive tyres may suffer from grip issues and rapid wear.



      Commercial tyres are specially designed to provide additional strength and durability over standard car tyres and are usually reinforced with strengthened sidewalls so that they can transport heavier loads over long distances.

      We stock a large range of commercial tyres at low prices so you get the best deal, whether you drive a single van or look after a larger fleet. We stock tyres from trusted tyre brands that are created specifically with commercial van drivers in mind for increased reliability, performance and safety.




      JTyre keeps your fleet vehicles and heavy-duty equipment moving with the best in tyre sales and fleet services and we are proud to serve our trucking community.

      Downtime can be seriously detrimental to your business that’s why we offer a range of products perfectly suited to your budget and application whether it be Highway, Off-road or mixed use. Our products need to withstand tough Australian conditions so we’ll make sure you’re choosing the most durable, safest tyre available for your application.

      truck tyres by jtyre

      Our Truck tyres offer:

      • High Mileage
      • Superior Traction
      • Longevity
      • Efficiency
      • Durability

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